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You aren’t just looking for a hotel management company. You are looking for the right hotel management company to manage your hotel and bring you results that were beyond what was expected. Anaheim, CA-based broughtonHOTELS is the partner you have been looking for.

The company was founded in January 2001 by Larry Broughton. During what proved to be the worst two-and-a-half year period in the hospitality industry since before World War II, Broughton successfully acquired four hotel properties. By 2014, the company had a portfolio of over 20 hotels that it managed. Our success comes from innovation, high service standards, integrity, and a commitment that goes beyond the norm - THINK Green Berets here and you get the idea.

From a guest’s initial interaction to the bottom line, we continually exceed our client’s expectations by carefully positioning, aggressively marketing and providing the highest standards to guests and patrons. We’re extremely proud of our consistent record of combined occupancy and profitability rates above industry average, but it’s the continued spirit of benefaction that truly identifies broughtonHOTELS.

Recently, broughtonHOTELS formed Bandera Hospitality to capitalize on the growing needs and opportunities of our clients and to fully utilize the talented group of superstars that comprise our hospitality management company. Bandera specializes in the operation of independent hotels that will ultimately transition into boutique hotels after renovation and repositioning; as well as branded hotels, which make up the vast majority of the marketplace.




We rethought what a management company should be. So naturally, we rethought what the culture of a successful company should be. We want our guests to recall the warm welcome, genuine caring, and feelings that won them over when they stayed at one of our hotels. This starts with putting an emphasis on the people we hire, our team members, and the rich social interactions that they have with our guests that create an exceptional experience.

Our Team Members are at the core what differentiates us from the competition, and also what allows us to create a fiercely loyal customer base. We take pride in the training and development of our people at all levels and disciplines. This shows in the results of our annual work climate surveys. Job satisfaction across the hospitality industry is 80%, but among Broughton properties, it’s nearly 86%. And you can see how this translates to guest experience as our results show nearly 89.5% customer satisfaction, outpacing the industry satisfaction index of 88%.

We aren’t totally serious, just seriously committed to our team, our mission, and providing exceptional results.

broughtonHOTELS enriches and builds up our team members through our

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